Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the thought came to your mind that your life—and each individual life—could be compared to putting together a puzzle.  As you grow older, many pieces have already been fit snuggly in their assigned spots—some of them through your own discernment and others through the discreet whispering of Spirit.  What is tricky with the assemblage of your life puzzle is that you do not dispose of the finished picture to help you make sense of each piece.  This was meant to give free range to your creative skills to bring about a very holographic picture.  The Father may provide you with the general outlines, but you are the one doing the coloring.

“The game of “Clues” is as well incorporated in your life puzzle.  What do I mean by that?  As you well know, there are many forks on the road of your life where you have to make decisions as to which direction to engage in.  At times, your own likes and dislikes turn them into no brainers as Spirit is guiding you through your embedded talents and passions.  Yet, at other times, the decisions are more overwhelming as you are not in the know of the Divine Plan for your life.  Those are the moments when you leap in faith—another game within the games that renders them even more thrilling by another dose of suspense.

“Whenever you are faced with such life altering choices, the best you can do is to call onto Spirit to guide you-- expressing your highest and heartfelt intentions for the best outcome possible in Divine Right Order.  This is when you jump in faith, trusting that you will land unharmed on the other side of your leap and that Spirit has put an invisible safety net in place. 

“Looking back at your life, you are better able to identify those turning points as they truly took you in new and unexplored inner territories through the new outer experiences.  The Father’s Vision for you is always to help co-sculpt your being into a more and more refined version of yourself and such a refining process has to submit you at times to almost unbearable degrees of emotional temperatures and inner pressure.  This is how the steel gets softened and bent into a useful instrument. 

“You are not walking alone on the trek of your life.  You have playmates and you also have loyal and wise referees—celestial guidance that can act as your life coaches.  They won’t lower the bar for you but they will help you perfect your jumping skills and will cheer you on as you succeed.  They also are compassionate toward your failures as they well know how challenging each level of your life game is--just like in your modern video games, it takes often many attempts to master a level.  The Father will never frown on your failed endeavors.  What matters to Him is that you get yourself back on the saddle whenever you hit the ground.  He applauds your endurance, your perseverance, and your winning “can-do-attitude.” 

“Dear ones, do not get discouraged by each new challenges that are being revealed to you as you progress.  As in any thrilling game, they are the proof that you already have beat many levels and that you are tackling on even more challenging ones—getting closer to the much deserved Reward Ceremony – your Graduation Ceremony to higher levels of achievements.  Yours is to decide how much you desire to achieve and how high you want to set the bar of your life.  Are you shooting for a GED, a PhD or a Master?”