Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to you that the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed the Kingdom of the Heart.  Whenever you think of those you wish to surround yourself with, they have one common denominator—the beauty of their heart that by far exceeds their mental power of attraction.  What do I mean by that?

“Many of you that have been gifted with what you coin as a great IQ.  They are bringing more understanding through the use of their inquisitive minds.  They are also—whether aware or unaware—agents of change and evolution.  It started with your remote ancestors who built the first fire, with the one who invented the wheel, and, much later on, with the inaugurators of the revolutionary computer age, and so much more since then. 

“These ‘inventors’ and ‘discoverers’ obtained great fame, as their ‘in-spired’ work contributed to the planetary upliftment.  Yet, all due credit should be shared with Spirit.  However, those who leave a lasting mark in your life are those who deeply move your heart through their loving presence—those who genuinely care about you and express it by going the extra mile to meet some of your emotional or other needs. 

“They are the legitimate citizens of the Kingdom of the Heart. By acting as loving siblings and emulating the parental love of your Divine Parents, they are instantly adopted by Their vast family. 

“Dear ones, focus on the expansion of your heart.  It will as well guide you mentally and emotionally, as it will lead you to think and act according to the Father’s Vision for your life—a loved-filled vision for sure.  Bet all your chips on the color red—the color of the heart—and you will be a sure winner, blessing others with your precious earnings, as an open heart is a sharing heart.  No secret there.”