Oregon, US of A
Saturday, October 14, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Wouldn’t the Gift of Enlightenment be the best gift ever?  Indeed, just as light dispels the real or imaginary ghosts lurking under the cover of darkness, enlightenment sheds the powerful light of truth, thus saving humanity from the handicaps of ignorance and its associated symptoms:  anxiety, anguish, worries, and inaction or misguided actions due to lack of understanding.

It is obvious to those who acknowledge the intricacy and minutia of creation that there is a Great IQ coupled with a Huge Heart behind the whole project.  There is a good reason for everything there is, which implies that there is a caring and intelligent cause who creates with the best of intentions.

Due to millennia of extreme confusion instigated by the Lucifer rebellion, the light of truth has been dimmed by the dissemination of lies and deception and humanity has been struggling to regain its footing.  Each one of you has to constantly make decisions, which have an impact on the course of their lives.  It is very stressful to make a decision when you lack all the vital elements.  This is the reason why so many of you go through intense anguish and uncertainty whenever they reach a fork in the road.

Jesus said of Himself that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Truth is a way shower. It shines a powerful light that reveals the potentially dangerous potholes in the road.  Truth is an extensive reference manual that contains the answers to your questions.  Yours is to turn within and ask for help to peruse it so that the light of truth can fill your mental blanks and clarify what is yours to do at any given moment. 

The more you live according to the Truth with a “T”, the more alive you will feel, as Truth is a powerful activator.  Isn’t it of foremost importance for each one of you to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘what for’ of your being?  Some among you find these answers early in life and have much to show for it.  Others do not have the luck to be placed on such a fast track.  They meander through their life’s decisions and uncover some truth about themselves in a more paradoxical way.  Until they find their alignment with their purpose, the content of their life fails to resonate on the inner and they do not feel fulfilled but out of sorts. This is the reason why enlightenment is the greatest gift of all, as it provides you with your very own Owner’s Manual.  Once you understand what you are here for, isn’t it much easier to live consciously and be in the flow of your destiny?”