Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about The Benefits of Silence.  There is a quality to silence that is experienced when you slow down your being to the point where it can find its match within you.  Silence is an unfathomable presence that conveys a deep sense of peace to those who consciously relish it.  To others, silence is a place of uneasiness and discomfort, as they have not learned to disconnect from the distractions and busyness of the worldly life and experience at first uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

“Indeed, it initially takes some applied efforts on your part to gain mastery over the strong electro-chemical impulses of your being that drive you to action.  Yet, action without direction and without a conscious intention can very easily turn out in misguided actions with unwanted consequences. 

“Your being need to resource itself and regenerate its energies by spending time in the soothing stillness.  It is a much needed and beneficial time-out.  Just as your health would quickly deteriorate at its various levels—physical, emotional, and mental—if you were sleep-deprived over long periods of time, unbeknownst to you it is also increasingly impaired by your failure to tap into the healing benefits of peace and silence—the place where you can connect with your higher self, as well as pick up on the leadings of your Still Small Voice. 

“The very fact that so many among you feel restless when they bring their body to standstill demonstrate how remote from that state their current way of life is.  Yet, once they have learned to disconnect from their impulsive ‘doingness,’ they will taste the peace that comes with ‘being’ and will crave for more, as its benefits will carry over into their active life.  Informed decisions will then be substituted for impulsive ones, and your life will gain a quality of ‘grounded-ness’ that was foreign to you.  Indeed, dear ones, be grounded, be balanced and be centered.  These three elements will have a huge impact on the way you lead your life, as they will keep you connected with Spirit—your Source and your Destination.”