Oregon, US of A
Thursday, November 24, 2016

“Divine justice is so eternally fair that it unfailingly embodies understanding mercy.” [UB 1898:03]

Still Small Voice: “Isn’t the above statement very heartening? Indeed, Divine Justice is merciful. It could not be otherwise as Love is always part of the Divine modus operandi—Love is the Source, Love is the Way, and Love is the Eternal Destination.

“Obviously, justice is dispensed on your planet in a manner that is far from emulating Divine Justice. This is due to your short sighted human perspective. You are evolving creatures and each one of you is the product of his/her personal evolution. What do I mean by that?

“I am looking beyond the planetary evolution of the species. I am looking at the individual spiritual evolution that does not follow the same automatic mode as your carnal envelopes do. A fetus will develop into a baby; a baby will grow into adulthood through the natural stages of childhood and adolescence. Your bodies are programmed to do so without much interference from your part. Yet, you are the ones to decide how to handle your overall being. You are in the driver seat as to how you treat it—with respect or disrespect. This will result in health or sickness—physical, emotional, or mental.

“As far as your spiritual evolution goes, each life journey is so individual that only the Father and His Helpers have the right to issue a full ‘progress report’ about it. They take into consideration the handicaps of time—such as genetics, ancestral factors, family dynamics, etc.—a multitude of factors that impact each soul development. None of you start from the same place—ever. Each individual has to deal with unique handicaps. What matters to the Father is that you progress in the right direction, even though your progress may appear chaotic and subject to many setbacks. The Father does not judge your life book by its cover; He reads the preface and the fine prints and is thoroughly informed about its content and about the attitude or ‘heart-titude’ you exhibit as you move through your planetary life.

“A loving heart is a merciful heart as loving parents are ever willing to forgive their offspring for the errors of their ways that are part of their natural learning process. There is always a possibility for reform and rehabilitation. Forgiveness is what issues that pass for yet another chance.

“Dear ones, rather than quickly and harshly judging others when you are faced with their shortcomings, stop and ask yourself what are their extenuating circumstances. Unfailingly, once you learn more about their life journey, you will develop compassion and empathy toward them as they may have gotten the short hand of the stick if they were born ‘under privileged’ i.e. in less than ideal circumstances.

“Have they been loved and cherished as they deserve to be? Have they grown without parental guidance? Have they had to attend the boarding school of hard knocks from day one? It comes easy to each one of you to make excuses for your less than ideal behaviors; yet you fail to use the same standards toward others. “Treat others as you want to be treated” also applies to that area of life. Yours is not to judge others as you are obviously not qualified to do so. How many judicial errors have been committed under the sponshorship of prejudices and self righteousness?

“Yours is to lovingly guide one another as big brothers and big sisters as you come to recognize what you can do to help others to see what they can remedy in their life in order to advance spiritually.”