Oregon, US of A
Friday, February 24, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that the surrendering of your will to the Father’s Will also implies the surrendering of your thinking to the mental input of your Indwelling Divine Presence.

“Indeed, your whole being has to come into alignment with the Father’s Guidance System and your thinking plays a major part in that process, as it can stand in the way of a free-flowing connection due to its “own preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and longstanding prejudices.” [UB Paper 109, Section 5]

“Therefore, the loving ministry performed by your Thought Adjuster is multi-faceted.  He constantly monitors your thoughts in order to find windows of opportunities.  At times, when your thinking has strayed too far away from the spiritual realities, your Divine Fragment has to standby helplessly as your life threatens to become a train wreck.  On the other hand, whenever you put a stop to your self-absorbed mental monologues to consciously activate the spiritual connection and ask for feedback, your Divine Fragment will eagerly respond.

“Not only will He adjust your thinking by fine tuning it toward Truth, Beauty and Goodness, but He will also ‘spiritualize’ you as you are meant to become a full-fledged spiritual being, feeling at home in spiritual realities. 

“Your spiritual enlightenment is essential to the process.  Yet, intellectual realizations are just that.  They set the record straight but are useless if they fail to change your behavioral patterns.  Too many of you are fooling themselves by believing that they are justified by their belief systems.  Such is not the case, as it is not your IQ that determines the pace of your spiritual growth.  Rather, it is the quality of the love you carry in your heart and that motivates you to act in selfless service.

“Dear ones, higher thinking needs to be transmuted in higher acting.  Your intellectual realizations of Truth are meant to serve as launching pads for the practice of Goodness and the manifestation of Beauty.  Strive to lead spiritual lives rather than intellectual ones; be ‘heart strong’ rather than headstrong.  Your intellect is meant to serve your highest good—not to stand in its way.”