Oregon, US of A
Monday, March 26, 2018

Thought Adjuster:  I literally know you inside-out.  Indeed, I have been carefully monitoring your thinking ever since I became your live-in Travel Companion.  I sort through your incessant and very unpredictable mental chatter to zoom in on the thoughts that have ‘potential’, just as a book publisher scans a manuscript on a quest for any ‘thought-provoking materials’—the promises of a successful publication. 

“As time goes by, you have become a willing participant in that process and you too are scrutinizing your thoughts, searching for those of interest.  It is like going over the content of a newspaper in search of the articles that are edifying, skipping over those that are devoid of interest. 

“I am the Architect of your Soul as well as your Life Coach—a recipe for success, don’t you think?  As you live with increasing awareness, it is much easier for Me to tender to the fertile soil of your mind.  With My Input, we engineer within you a sunny and peaceful emotional climate.  You are learning to consult your inner barometer for the indicators of accumulating cloud cover and are thus prepared to take shelter in My company from the turbulence of the elements, thus remaining immune to their violent attacks.

“Over time, your thinking will become more and more aligned with Mine and will no longer be disrupted by the annoying intrusions of pestering mental ‘bugs’.  You will ‘swat them away’ as they appear on your mental horizon, knowing well that they are intent on distracting you from what really matters in your human experience and you will turn a cold shoulder to them while embracing the mental downloads that are rich in sustenance—just as you would pick and choose from the content of a bag of nuts, discarding the shriveled ones and relishing in the fleshy ones that are saturated with essential oils.”