Oregon, US of A
Friday, January 18, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Are you afraid of the Light?  The proverbial coin of the human experience has two sides—Head and Tail.  Its optimistic head instinctively turns toward the sun to bask in the warmth of its inviting rays, while its pessimist tail side buries itself deep in the sand—the darkness. 

“If you were to reverse the situation by a sudden flip of the coin, both sides would freak out, dislodged abruptly out of their comfort zones.  Indeed, the tail shies away from the light, while the head is claustrophobic in the dark. 

“It is as far as we will take this metaphor.  However, it should prompt you to ask yourself on which side of the coin you are leading your life, thus selecting your ‘entourage.’

“There is a tug-of-war between the forces of the darkness and those of the light.  In the end, the light will prevail, as it is the only element with actual substance.  It instantly dispels the darkness by shining its spotlight on it. 

“Why you would shy away from such a Light?  Is it because you are afraid it would reveal the imperfections of your being?  Is it because it initially puts you in a state of shock, until your spiritual vision adjusts to its luminescence and inviting brilliance? 

“Dear ones, you have been ‘generated’ by the Light Itself, and your DNA is light-infused, no matter what you may have been led to believe about yourselves.  Yes, the Luciferian rebellion has severely tampered with it, but its ripple effects will not last forever.  You will spend your ‘forever-and-ever’ in a bright spiritual habitat—one where everyone freely shares their light.  It will be an environment of purity and transparency where you will safely let your guard down, as there will no longer be any threats looming in the dark, as darkness shall be no more.”