Oregon, US of A
Monday, October 30, 2017

“The present, when divorced from the past and the future, becomes exasperatingly trivial.”  [UB 1776:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Time is a continuum of present moments.  Yet, your being has been gifted with the faculty of remembering and your memory collects a staggering amount of data pertaining to all the areas of your being and your life:  sensory memories, emotional memories, memories of events, of relationships, and much more. 

The fact that you acquire memories points to the importance of extracting experiential wisdom and knowledge from each present moment and to live fully engaged in the present, something that very few of you are capable of.

Indeed, the present becomes very trivial if it is lived randomly, without greater awareness.  It is the Petri Dish of your evolution and the evolution of humanity as a whole.  Your personal history is a sequel to the book of life of your ancestry. 

Just as someone suffering from amnesia loses his or her sense of identity, someone living without any forethoughts or afterthoughts fails to extract the enlightening wisdom from his or her experiential journey.

Be an engaged witness of each present moment so that you can store in your memory vault as many enriching and enlightening details as possible.  Being ‘absent-minded’ in the present deprives you of the wisdom that is embedded therein for you to harvest, just as an industrious bee harvest pollen from each flower it visits.

Be mindful and your mind will become fuller and richer.  There is so much for you to gather along your life’s journey!  Live with a purpose, as it exerts a magnetic force of attraction that brings into your present experience the circumstances and the tools that you need to manifest your fondest aspirations, thus expanding who you are.  Do not regretfully dwell on the past.  Rather look hopefully toward the future.  You cannot bypass the present, as it is your best and hands-on teacher.”