Oregon, US of A
Friday, November 17, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder how powerful human beings are.  You are meant for Godlikeness.  That says it all, doesn’t it?  God is universal, infinite, and absolute.  He IS. 

As well, human ‘beings’ ARE.  Yet, for the most part, they fail to enjoy such a state of being-ness that is forever connected to the eternal now moment.  Rather, they entertain many detrimental attachments to the past as well as many unrealistic dreams about the future.  Memories and dreams do not have much substance if they do not positively contribute to the present moment. 

Memories can be turned into precious assets, stored in your mental safe deposit box, as they hold your experiential wealth.  Yet, it is yours to sort through them, as you would sort through your picture albums, discarding the shots that are out of focus or devoid of interest. 

As well, your imagination—your God-given power to mentally conceive—has been meant to take you in exciting directions where you can manifest meaningful potentials by rolling up your sleeves and taking intelligent initiatives in the here and now—the nurturing womb of your fondest dreams.

Dear ones, God has placed co-creative powers within you.  Yet, these powers need to be activated by your heartfelt intention to put them to the service of the highest good.  Until such times as you are mature enough to honor such a commitment, your powers will be kept on the low burner, so to speak, so as to protect you and others from the dangerous impact of unwise actions.

Indeed, powers are indiscriminative.  They can be extremely destructive if they are unleashed with selfish agendas.  They can be amazingly constructive and unifying if they are centered on the manifestation of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—God’s modus operandi

Yours is to become stable at all the levels of your being.  Yours is to gain emotional mastery, as it is the key to your empowerment.  Once you are in control of your emotions, you can be entrusted with the divine access code to your inner powers.  This will be another incredible upgrade in your human experience, as well as a significant step toward your spiritual metamorphosis.  From that moment on, you will officially enter into an eternal partnership with the Divine and much more will be revealed to you about your life’s purpose, as personal revelations depend on your ability to process them and growth cannot and should not be rushed.”