Thursday, November 16, 2017

“Almost every human being has some one thing which is held on to as a pet evil, and which the entrance into the kingdom of heaven requires as a part of the price of admission.” [UB 1802:03]

Thought Adjuster: “You have a recurrent dream in which you discover that the house you live in possesses many unsuspected rooms.  These underutilized rooms are a good metaphor for your undiscovered potentials. Each one is meant to serve a purpose that would satisfy an actual need, rather than gratify a passing and unrealistic fancy.

Your being is much broader than you can fathom at this embryonic stage of your life.  Indeed, through your life’s experiences, you will get to discover some of its hidden features and how they contribute to your inner expansion. 

I dwell within you.  You are My human abode.  Are you aware of this most fundamental fact of your life?  Or are you holding Me locked in an inner dungeon of which the keys have been somehow misplaced?

Dear ones, as you go through your life’s experiences, the great outdoors that is your playground also finds many echoes within you, as what is on the outer has a match on the inner and can be a powerful catalyst for the activation of your dormant qualities. 

Ask Me to take you on a tour of your inner being.  I know you by heart and cherish you, doing My best to help you uncover your inner beauty and dispel whatever is still an eye-sore within you—your pet evil, as the above quote puts it.

Indeed, ‘pet evils’ are the untamed parts of you whose unruly and destructive behavior you have come to tolerate—a love-hate relationship of sorts.  They do not qualify as house pets.  Rather, you need to evict them and trade them for more fitting roomates—the corresponding qualities that can subjugate these unbecoming traits of character.  They are the rooms of your inner being whose doors have not been opened yet and that will reveal to you how blessed you are.  Indeed, you have been gifted with an inner mansion where we are meant to peacefully and co-creatively cohabit.”