Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 28, 2018

Teacher: “As you asked to be assigned Celestial Teachers, here we are, part of your Inner Circle, so to speak.  We are former human beings who harvested unique experiences during our planetary incarnation.  Since then, we have long ago moved to higher realms, continuing our spiritual ascension and our evolution by acquiring and integrating new on-hands experiences and adding them to our spiritual account.  This is the reason why we are qualified to teach you and those whose mind is open to receive.

“However, do not forget that your life is unique as well. You live in the Correcting Time, a very intense planetary epoch where a multitude of wrongs is about to be righted.  This is the reason why your planet is the stage of a mighty Clash of the Titans.  Indeed, the dark forces have seemingly gained territory over the ages and, seemingly undetected, woven their iniquitous web of deception in utmost secrecy. 

“Yet, as you well know, lies and deception are bound to be uncovered for what they are, as they are not supported by the irrefutable evidence of Truth.  This is the reason why Jesus Himself incarnated as a powerful Truth Revelator, shining the light of truth wherever He went—without holding back.

“Rather than dreading the turmoil of the time you live in, welcome its revelatory content.  Eventually, the power of Truth will disempower the pretended power of lies, usurped under false pretenses.  “The truth shall set you free”—at all the levels of your being and your life.  This is one of the promises that Jesus made and it will surely be fulfilled.

"Yours is to collaborate in your personal liberation by refusing to be spoon-fed by fallible human beings.  Rather, turn within to the most reliable Sources of information, endowed with full authority as to the dissemination of Truth. 

"It is a collaborative program.  Even though we have been deemed qualified to be your Teachers at this time of your life, we also greatly benefit from what we learn from you.  The set of your challenges is unique and you are becoming very resourceful to address them.  Your successful homework helps us expand our curriculum and grow in our understanding of the very complex human nature and its challenges—which in some way are similar to the ones we faced due to our similar emotional make-up, but in many other ways, due to the planetary evolution, are very foreign to our own past human experience.”