Oregon, US of A
Monday, June 4, 2018

“But mind can never succeed in this unification of the diversity of reality unless such mind is firmly aware of material things, intellectual meanings, and spiritual values; only in the harmony of the triunity of functional reality is there unity, and only in unity is there the personality satisfaction of the realization of cosmic constancy and consistency.” [UB102:2.5 (1120.2)]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Unity and Harmony.  Indeed, they are interconnected—each one unable to come about independently of the other.  As human beings, you are striving toward a state of unity within yourself, as you instinctively sense that, without that prerequisite, harmony will not and cannot be manifested in your outer reality.  Jesus expressed this by saying: “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand; if a house be divided against itself, it is soon brought to desolation.  Can a city withstand a siege if it is not united?’ [UB Paper 153, section 4]

“All of you have had days when, even though the sun was shining and nature was resplendent, due to the fact that you were confused and conflicted, drowning in the turmoil of your inner experience, you were unable to appreciate the beauty of the outer world.  What does it tell you?

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder—in the vision of his heart, not just in the mere vision of his physical perception.  The initial curriculum of the School of Life intends to teach you how to reach such a harmonious state of beingness where your body, mind, and soul collaborate ‘hand in hand’.  They have to develop a common objective whose attainment will equally satisfy their ‘trinity’—thus bringing about the fruits of their selfless collaboration:  Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—the absence of conflict at all levels of their human experience.

“Whenever you reach this much-coveted state of inner balance and harmony, it exerts a tangible ripple effect in your external reality.  Indeed, a harmonious individual exudes peace and acts as a magnet, inspiring others to get a taste of ‘what he is having.”