Oregon, US of A
Monday, December 18, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us further investigate Consciousness.  How did Jesus live a ‘conscious’ life?  How did He qualify Himself to become a Teacher of Consciousness for each one of you? 

“You cannot be fully conscious if you are not fully engaged in the Present Moment.  Indeed, you cannot be aware of what is going on around you if you are mentally ‘absent’—absent-minded. 

“Many of your life’s activities are performed routinely.  You may take the same route to work daily and drive on ‘automatic pilot’ so to speak, letting your mind vagabond while you operate your vehicle in a ‘sleep-driving’ mode. 

“As you can fathom from this example, living with awareness implies that you are aware in mind, body, and soul—that you are unified in your awareness.  This is how Jesus lived His life.  He monitored how He invested His energies.  He remained focused on His intentions and such a focus brought His whole being in alignment with their manifestation. 

“It is reported that He ‘felt’ a shift in His physical energies when a woman touched His coat.  “Someone touched me, for I perceive that power has gone out from me.”  He also emotionally ‘felt’ what was going on within those He encountered.  He ‘knew’ of their emotional challenges because He was fully present in such interaction. 

“Furthermore, He was fully aware spiritually, as He constantly nurtured His spiritual connection to His Heavenly Father.  Thus doing, He was aware of His options and was able to engage Himself with determination in the forks of the road that led Him to Self-Mastery and Godlikeness.

“Dear ones, practice this all-around type of awareness.  This is who you are.  You are not just your body, just your mind, or just your soul.  You are all of them and yours is to bring them in Oneness within yourself.  This will take you to amazing levels of personal growth, as well as to exerting a positive influence through your life’s decisions.  Be present in the Present and you will live your life to the fullest, without overlooking its precious opportunities that are remaining hidden to those who look over their shoulders toward the past or far ahead toward the future—thus being blind and deaf to the signposts of each present moment.”