Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

“The Creators are possessed of full power to make Urantia [Earth] a veritable Paradise, but such an Eden would not contribute to the development of those strong, noble, and experienced characters which the Gods are so surely forging out on your world between the anvils of necessity and the hammers of anguish. [UB 23:2.12]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about quality control in reference to friendships and heart connections.  There is a natural process of quality control that takes place in relationships.

“Circumstances are bound to come up in your life to test the sincerity of your commitments—be they interpersonal or your personal engagements toward causes that you deem worthy.  Such loyalty tests—or faith tests—are truth revelators, as they disclose to you where you stand in your connections with others or shape the opinion you have of yourself. 

“It is not enough to pledge your undying loyalty to make it so, as a pledge could merely amount to lip service.  Life will put your sincerity to the test—just as the loyalty of Jesus’ disciples was severely tested—repeatedly—to make them disappointment proof.  By passing each one of these tests, you are indeed incrementally strengthening your character and augmenting your trustworthiness, thus qualifying yourself as viable candidates for eternal life.  How so?

“Planet Earth is a soul nursery.  Over seven billion embryonic souls are seeded upon it at this moment in time.  How many have survival potentials?  How many will abort their glorious destiny?  It is indeed a natural process of survival of the fittest—a process to take to heart.  As harsh as it may appear to you when you undergo such severe testing, it is a process to welcome, as it acts as the ‘anvils’ and ‘hammers’ that ‘forge your character’ and make it resilient and reliable.

“Indeed, this is the Divine Quality Control that is meant to preserve the integrity of higher realms—a guarantee that, once you have graduated from these trials and tribulations, you will add to the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that occupy higher realms inhabited by beautiful souls.”