California, US of A
Thursday, September 20, 2018

“Entrance in the father’s kingdom is wholly free, but progress—growth in grace—is essential for continuance therein… Salvation is the gift of God, and righteousness is the natural fruit of the spirit-born life; rather it is that you have a righteous life because you have already been saved, have recognized sonship as the gift of God and service in the kingdom as the supreme delight of life on earth.” [UB Paper 150:5]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us address the relationship between Salvation and Righteousness.  The salvation brought by Jesus has been much misunderstood—not unlike the ‘sacrament of confession’ instituted in the Catholic Church.  Indeed, both Salvation and Forgiveness are divine gifts that naturally flow from the unconditionally loving parental divine heart.  However, how do these gifts contribute to making you righteous?

"You receive Salvation and Forgiveness as the result of a divine free-will decision.  In return, you put this gift to its intended use by growing in righteousness—a free-will choice on your part.

“What is a gift good for if it is set aside unopened?  How can it be put to good use if you fail to understand the blessings it is meant to bring into your life and persist in doing things your way—instead of the Father’s way?

“Salvation is the lifeline the Father is extending out to you.  Will you grab it to merely stay afloat?  Or will you cooperate with the Father’s rescue mission orchestrated to extract you from a body of muddied spiritual waters and relocate you into the pure stream of His living and soul-hydrating waters? 

“These options are made available to you by the process of salvation.  Yours is to decide whether you will willingly undergo a purification process to dive into the divine waters without contaminating them.  The acquirement of righteousness is what constitutes this purification process.  As well, you come to recognize that, as a member of the divine family, you have to do your part of the family chores.  You have to practice altruism and service, as those are the modus operandi of Higher realms and the only way to be the co-creator of your godlikeness.”