Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Quality Time cannot be rushed, as by doing so, you immediately depreciate its quality.  Your current culture is, for the most part, very hectic, as too many tasks are squeezed in the one-size container of time, at the expense of inner peace. 

“Indeed, the feeling of inner peace cannot but dissipate when you accelerate your pace of living.  It is good to be productive and pro-active.  Yet, as you well know, it can become a distraction from what should be the focus of a life well-lived.  Just as your physical body needs regular periods of regenerative rest, so do your emotional and mental bodies.  By constantly rushing ahead of yourself, you become a ‘split personality’ of sorts, as you are unable to sustain such an all-around fast pace and, eventually, some part of you will lag behind or call it quit, knowing innately that it needs to ‘catch its breath’ in order for you to remain balanced.

“Set aside some daily quality time!  Just as a busy parent enjoys the quietness of the home after the children have been put to bed, learn to drop everything for a while and enjoy the saving grace of quality time—time spent in the Stillness of your heart to connect with Me—that part of you that is timeless and spaceless.  How else could we connect?

“Quality time bears quality fruits that sustain you during the frazzled periods of your days.  Ask yourself how much ‘quality time’ you spend daily with loved ones–in the flesh or in Spirit.  Quality time will lift you up and keep your motivated to pursue your highest goals.  It will assure that you do not run out of steam prematurely.  Indeed, your time has to be wisely budgeted so as not to run out of quality.”