Oregon, US of A
Saturday, December 30, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “You are ‘thought generators”.  Indeed, this is one of the functions of your human brain.  You and only you can determine the quality of your thinking.  ‘Thoughtforms’ are real, even though invisible to the naked eye. 

“With its positive or negative connotations, not only does your thinking impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, but it also influences the outer world. 

“Some of you unconsciously pollute their environment by releasing dark thought forms of low vibrations.  In the process, their being becomes attuned to such unpleasant vibrations. “I don’t like his or her vibes” is often said of such an individual and avoidance is advisable if you feel ill-equipped to help raise their vibrations by sharing with them higher thought forms.

"Yourself can successfully raise your vibrations by spending time with Me in the Stillness and by giving Me your permission to work with your thinking.  This is My job assignment.  I dwell within you to ‘adjust’ your thinking.  Are you aware of that?  This is the most important revelation of your life. 

“Your thinking does not have to revisit itself in endless boring loops.  Whenever it becomes stale and annoying, isn’t it time to switch your inner CD and trade it for a new release? I am the one putting together this new uplifting CD upon your asking.  By following these new threads of thought, you will engage yourself on new avenues of higher thinking and understanding. 

“The timing is always right to throw yourself the challenge of putting My words to the test.  Those of you who already spend regular quality time with Me in the Stillness of their heart and minds have validated for themselves the many positive side-effects of such a practice.  Indeed, this is how your thinking process is constantly upgraded.  Many new thoughts rise on your mental horizon for you to investigate.  The more you learn, the more you are driven to pursue such a higher mental education.  The words that will leave your lips will be thoughtful and thought-provoking for others as well as for yourself.  Indeed, you are thought-generators.  Subject them to My quality control and caring censorship.”