Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you are readying yourself to receive Divine input this morning and that you are dispelling any self doubt in your ability to receive, the thought comes to your mind about the process of putting together a recipe.  Whenever you plan to bake a cake, you gather all the ingredients listed on the recipe and blend them together in the right order before you place the resulting mix into the oven to bake it to perfection.

“In the process of Transmitting and Receiving, you follow the recipe which has been provided to you through the readings that you have made and the experience shared by other Transmitters/Receivers.  If you follow the prerequisites of conditioning your mind to receive, you will set the whole event in motion and you can trust that the outcome will be the desired one.

“First, you are conditioning your space for your morning encounter with the Divine.  You are finding a place of peace within yourself; you are calming your body and your mind.  You are preparing your spiritual antenna for the reception of divine energies and transmissions devoid of the interference of unwanted lower vibrations. 

“Then you are practicing gratitude to lift your vibrations.  Gratitude is truly the elevator of the soul and this elevator is available to everyone at any given time.  Whenever you feel that your emotions are sinking into a dark place, resort to this magical elevator.  Push the gratitude button by bringing to your mind and to your heart all the good things and relationships of your life.  This will turn your mind away from looking down at the muddy emotions you may have been feeling and will automatically lift up your chin toward more sunny emotions.

“You have felt a wide spectrum of emotions during your life journey.  As they become part of your personal experience, you can recall them at will.  This is where you need to use discernment as, if you are not in a state of awareness, your thinking can be triggered into remembering not so pleasant events and, as a consequence, your emotional barometer drops. 

“Look in your mind’s eye at the writing on that barometer and redirect your attention to the better feeling emotions, the ones on the sunny side and consciously recall the sunny memories associated with these good feeling emotions.  Your mind will start wandering on that side and it will transform your perception of your current reality.

“The Divine always meets you on the positive side of things as it is where the solution is.  A positive mind is an upbeat mind; an upbeat mind is creative and resourceful and exhibits the can do spirit which helps you progress.

“To get back to your meditation practice, always condition your mind by recharging it with positive charges so that you can be lifted up in the Divine Presence.  This will happen as surely as your recipe will be successful when you follow the instructions and it will leave no room for self-doubt.”