Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Your overall education is multi-faceted. You may willingly enlist in some advanced courses in order to acquire the necessary skills to excel in your professional calling or to cater to other down-to-earth predilections. However, Spirit is simultaneously putting you through Its ‘private school’ by taking advantage of any life scenario that can assist you in obtaining a universally recognized Degree in Self-Mastery—an on-the-job field training that serves your highest good and is the prep school for the next chapter of your life beyond the veil of the flesh.

“You may have no say in the homework assigned by your earthly teachers; yet, you have a say in how you emotionally respond to it.  If the handed-out workload is unreasonably heavy, it initially makes you feel overwhelmed and crushes your spirit, tempting you to quit before you reach the coveted finish line.

“Yet, if you examine the issues at hand, you come to realize that specific spiritual assignments have been woven into their scenarios.  How do you fare emotionally?  Are you able to quickly appease the unruly emotions of anger and inner resistance that are bubbling up within you?  Are you able to remain cool and collected to devise a wise action plan?  Such happenstances are pop-up tests.  You may feel unprepared for them but this is the only way you will graduate cum laude, as they teach you how to make subtle inner shifts that will forever serve you.

“Indeed, your life journey will take you through many grueling ‘boot camps’.  Yet, their duration is limited and you will emerge from them stronger and wiser.  Aren’t those the blessings they contain?

“The first step in any life drama is to regain your footing by appeasing your whole being, as strong emotions run havoc in your physical system as well.  Spend time with Me in the Stillness and ask for My Guidance through this process.  Take deep calming breathes, as they are the gateway to the Peace that passes all understanding—the reassuring EMTs in your time of need.  Take measures to strengthen your weakened vibrational system.  It can be anything from listening to an uplifting piece of music, turning to a positive confident, giving yourself some TLC.  This will recharge your emotional batteries and renew your determination to claim victory over the situation, keeping defeat at bay.”