Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

“Peace is the social yardstick measuring civilization’s advancement….”  [UB 783:04]

Thought Adjuster: Peace is more than a social yardstick.  It is also a personal one that adequately measures your spiritual advancement.  A Self-Master operates from a place of inner peace, as role-modeled by Jesus—the Prince of Peace—who was frequently heard saying: “My peace, I leave with you.” 

“There are two types of human beings:  those leaving turmoil in their wake, and those imparting to others their commanding peace.  It could not be otherwise.  Someone who is in self-control is physically grounded, emotionally balanced, and spiritually centered.  These qualifiers are the prerequisites for a state of enduring inner peace.

“How do you maintain a peaceful state when elements of unbalance sneak into your personal space?  By focusing on the layer of your being that is the most solidly anchored in peace.  For example, let’s say that you receive some unsettling news.  How do you abort their potentially adversarial ripple effect? 

“Activate your first line of defense by remaining physically grounded.  For example, walking bare-footed or soaking your feet in cold water will help you remain in touch with the down-to-earth gravitational force rather than “flying off the handle.”  You also can turn to someone coined as a stable individual, as peace exerts a magnetic power of attraction. Everyone craves for this crowning jewel of overall wellbeing.

“The most effective way to regroup is to access your inner Peace Zone—where I reside.  Turn within whenever you feel rattled by life’s storms.  Consciously slow down your breathing to override some of the symptoms of your restlessness, such as shallow breathing and an accelerated heartbeat.  Then sit quietly and bask in My Peace before reentering the outer world refreshed, renewed, and vibrationally attuned to positive emotions—the high caliber ones that are the highly compatible ‘roomies’ of Peace—patience, serenity, and calmness, to name a few.  

“Such a transcending sense of peace helps you keep at bay emotional irritants.  No matter how hard these allergens try to shatter your sense of peace, they will not succeed.  The more you ground yourself in the very real substance of peace, the less likely you will be to let go of it, and you will grow very resourceful at preventing any ill-intended Trojan horse from invading your inner world.”