Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “What is patience?  When you feel impatient, you somehow feel that you want to speed up time or whatever you feel is moving too slow.  Rather than feeling impatient, you have at all times the opportunity to slow yourself down and be more aligned with the present moment.  Whenever you achieve that shift in attitude, patience moves in and time disappears.  Through the experiencing of patience, you put the time factor aside and immerse yourself heart and soul in the moment.

“With patience, peace moves in as well.  Whenever you are restless, you are not in the moment and you are not peace-filled.  This is why the Stillness practice is so meaningful at so many levels.  As you go into the Stillness, you turn off your watch, so to speak – or any time keeping devices.  You enter the morontia state of your soul which is timeless and space-less.  This is the place where you can connect with beings who reside beyond your physical reality and who – patiently and peacefully – are waiting in the aisles that you join them to experience your mutual presences in the present.

“The Father is ever patient and never rushes His children.  He created time and space to give them room and opportunities to evolve and to grow.  The time element is essential to growth as growth occurs over time in your world.  The Father adheres to all His laws and rules.  The Father lives by the Golden Rule of treating His entire creation with Love and Respect, with Patience and Peace. 

“No, your God is not a wrathful, vengeful, and impatient God.  To see Him in that fashion is to project your human imperfection onto a perfect being.  Rather, the Father, even though you are imperfect, looks at you with the vision of your perfection in His mind and His heart.  He knows that His children will eventually get to that place where their God-given gifts will be unwrapped and put to good use.

“By pooling your gifts and sharing them, you multiply them and all profit from them.  You are expressing the beauty that the Father has infused in every creative gesture.  Beauty is aligned with Truth and Goodness.  It speaks to the heart and mind.  Whenever you feel disconnected from your heart, go within to investigate where the connection got broken.  Gratitude is a beautiful mean to reconnect with your heart when you feel that you lost that soft touch.  Gratitude will help re-adjust your spiritual vision toward uplifting and meaningful thinking and feeling.  Use gratitude generously in your life and it will color it with brighter and happier colors.”