Oregon, US of A
Friday, November 10, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The image came to your mind of a toddler learning to walk and whose parents are lovingly enticing to cross the small distance that separates them.  Their arms are wide open as another invitation for the little one to overcome his fear of the unknown.  Indeed, love is the irresistible driving force for which anyone is willing to take a chance.

As you are awakening at the soul level, you become aware of the many loving spiritual presences who are descending upon your world to bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth.  They become part of your immediate entourage if you give them access to your thinking and feeling and you are then growing more confident in taking your next step toward their open hearts by responding to their whispered cheers.

Indeed, Spirit is never boisterous as it is bathed in Peace—an added benefit to your relationship.  Dear ones, do not be discouraged by the seemingly impossible distance you have to cover to find your way back to the Source of your being.  In His All-encompassing Love, the Father dispatches many ‘pathfinders’ who are conveniently positioned along your path, pointing you in the right direction and toward your next way station. 

You too can become a way-shower for your siblings, as you can more easily share information with them through your five physical senses.  As you progress inward, share your travel log with them so that they can decide whether or not the route you took so far appeals to their travel tastes.  They can become your travel companions for a while until such time as you part way at another crossroad, knowing that you are bound to meet again and share your amazing stories of successes and setbacks.  In the end, don’t they all contribute to the pool of wisdom you acquire—a wisdom that never depreciates.”