Friday, December 8, 2017

Teacher: “As yet, you have no clue about today’s topic.  Yet, you start typing in faith, thus opening the doorway to our input.  We are the ones dropping hints in your conscious mind until our words start flowing unimpeached through your receptive and conditioned mind.


Indeed, just as you select an appealing radio station to enjoy its programs, you cannot just open your mind randomly to any spiritual input.  Would you let the door of your home wide open to undesirable trespassers?  Surely not.  Many front doors are equipped with a peephole that allows screening whoever comes unannounced to the door, thus protecting the home from unwanted intrusions.

Just as you cohabitate on this world with many individuals who do not have similar lifestyles and objectives, the same happens on the other side of the veil, as everyone eventually crosses the veil and bring with them their spiritual vibes, so to speak. 

This is the reason why protection from low-grade spiritual influences is needed at all times.  Consult with the Spirit of Truth and finetune your spirit of discernment!  Do not unwisely let in your being malicious spiritual influences.  Rather, just as you tidy your home before hosting a friendly gathering, bring your inner house in order by spending time in the Stillness and inviting the highest celestial influences available to you, based on the current state of your spiritual development.  You will feel at home with them and comfortable.  This is the telltale sign that you are in good company.

Your free-will prerogative is the ‘no trespassing’ sign that you hang at your inner door to keep at bay the party crashers whose names do not figure on your carefully put together guest list.”