Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 9, 2018


There is no error greater than that species of self-deception which leads intelligent beings to crave the exercise of power over other beings for the purpose of depriving these persons of their natural liberties.”  [UB 614:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us expand upon the above statement, as such a tragic error was at the very onset of the Lucifer rebellion and has been repeated in a multitude of scenarios ever since—a very sad legacy indeed.

“You could say that Lucifer —a high being of light—became so full of himself that he developed an out of hand ‘God complex’—a complex of superiority toward those who delegated him his very powers.  He was overcome by unrighteous pride and started misusing his God-given IQ to promote selfish agendas in his delusional quest for grandeur. He had fallen in love with himself.

“Let us now contrast his brazen behavior with the humble demeanor exhibited by Jesus—a Creator Son—when He incarnated on one of the most grief-stricken planets of His universe.  The Lord Jesus never lorded Himself over others.  He stayed away from any entrapments that could have caused Him to fail in His divine assignment of bringing back the lost sheep to the divine fold.

“His attitude and lifestyle contrasted in all ways with the flashy Luciferian propensities.  The Son of God was born in most ‘humble’ circumstances.  He consistently deflected all adulation and lived a life of higher service.  How else could He have succeeded in his tricky rescue mission?

“He came to terminate the Lucifer rebellion as the “Son of Man… a mortal creature of the realm, in weakness made powerful by faith-submission to the will of [the] Father.”[UB Paper 120, Section 2]

“Jesus promoted humility over pride, altruism over selfishness, forgiveness and mercy over revenge, thus giving no ground for His sworn arch-enemies to find Him at fault—a fault that would have emulated their very own fallen behavior.  Isn’t it so that fallen human nature justifies itself by pointing the finger at other’s similar shortcomings, another subtle manifestation of self-deception?

“Dear ones, beware of self-deception!  Conduct regular self-evaluations.  I dwell within you to help you in that process, in collaboration with Jesus’ very own Spirit of Truth and the motherly Holy Spirit.  Aren’t you then in the most favorable environment to take an objective inventory of your strengths and weaknesses?  Indeed, humility is the door opener to your ‘reformation’.  It helps you recognize the areas in need of improvement and devise an effective action plan, rather than sweeping them under the carpet of your denial, for them to resurface at the most inconvenient times.”