Oregon, US of A
Friday, March 27, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, you have been writing a poem about “Miracles” yesterday and your mind kept elaborating on that topic.  As you know, the Father creates through instant manifestation in some cases, through the evolutionary process in others, and/or through the combination of both.


“The Father set everything in motion at the beginning of time.  His first intention is the primal Cause for all the effects of the universes--including you.  Everything coming into existence and connected with Light and Love is from the Father and is part of the continuous creative process.


“Miracles truly take an eternity to manifest as they are all stemming from the placement of the first domino by the Father.  Zillions of dominos have been placed since then on the paths which lead to the Now that you are experiencing.  In His all knowingness, the Father can anticipate the needs of His children and provides for their fulfillment-- just like a physical father ensures that there is bread on his family’s table.


“Miracles are answers to prayers or just the loving response of the Father when His heartstrings are being pulled by His love for His creatures.  Miracles happen in the realm of time and space but stem from beyond time and beyond space, this is why they may appear as instantaneous and magical in their manifestation.


“The faith of the creature is so important in the manifestation of miracles because it allows the creature to acknowledge them with joy and gratitude.  Yet, so many miracles are taken for granted and are not acknowledged as they should be.  The recipient fails to recognize their impact in his/her life and does not mail his/her thank-you note. 

“Look at each day with a child’s eyes.  A child is filled with wonderment about everything he/she discovers–from a blade of grass, a tiny ant, to his/her interactions with animals, flowers, etc.


“A child looks at everything he/she discovers with new eyes, the type of eyes which can detect miracles.  This is the reason why children have such a positive energy.  They are immersed in the moment and perceive clearly what so many adults miss.  Life is filled with magic for them and they are led by their unquenchable curiosity.


“Unfortunately, under the tutelage of adults and under their sometimes disgruntled influence, children start losing this type of focus and lose the way they used to perceive their environment. The seriousness of some adults strips the joy and the amazement out of the child and his/her world becomes grayer.


“Learn to look at each day as would a miracle detector;  you too can become a miracle worker as you realize that you can be an element in the co-creation of  miracles.”