Oregon, US of A
Sunday, September 2, 2018

Uteah-Trinity Teacher:  Now that My Presence has been disclosed, I rejoice in your welcoming greetings and your eagerness to engage Me in your inner world.  This is indeed what I am here for. 

“Just as your educational curriculum takes you from pre-school all the way to college, your spiritual syllabus is constantly refined as you qualify to receive higher spiritual guidance. 

“This is the reason why—at each educational level—the most qualified teaching faculty takes over and keeps building on the foundation set in place by their predecessors.  In some countries, students have to pass some grueling entry exams in order to earn the privilege to attend such coveted institutes of higher learning.

“To some extent, the same applies to your ongoing spiritual education.  You cannot skip any classes, as advanced curriculums would be way over your head, leading you to feel so out-of-place that you would drop out.

“On the other hand, if you apply yourself daily at cultivating your spiritual connections, you will be rewarded with an amazing and ever-widening spiritual panorama. 

“Such a point has been reached in the planetary spiritual advancement.  Those of you who have diligently done their ‘homework’, are breaking through new spiritual glass ceilings and benefiting from the enlightened tutoring of Teachers and Guides from On High who hold the highest credentials and who have been patiently waiting for the graduation ceremonies of these upcoming ‘classes’.

“They are here to take over your spiritual education and you are in the best of hands.  Trust in the process and be receptive to any train of higher thoughts that enters your mind, as it is how we teach you from On High in this long-distance advanced education.”