Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 21, 2018


Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Energy.  You could say that energy is what the cosmic canvass is made of—its texture.  Indeed, the Father works on a living canvass.  Contrary to still natures, His masterwork cannot be captured with a few brushstrokes.  In His Self-Expression, the Father combines all type of media:  the softness of watercolors on a rainy day; the shimmer of rich oils on a sunny one; the precise chiseling that sets free the curvature of each one of His living sculptures; the aromas and fragrances of designer personalities that set the mood for His artwork taking it to yet another experiential dimension, … and so much more.

“Through His boundless and free-flowing imagination, the Father never tires of creating, ever surpassing Himself and scrutinizing each new piece before stamping it with His verbal seal of approval— “It is good”.  Only after it meets all the requirements of His high-standard quality control, does He breathe life into it—the final energetic blessing that sets more into motion, as creatures become co-creators through the impact of their moment-to-moment decisions.

“If only you could only see the multi-colored energies that are woven into everything there is!  If only you could fathom the magnitude of the Paradise Power House from which the Father radiates!  He dwells at the unmoving center of the color wheel—at its very core.  Each one of you is but a spoke on the cosmic wheel—forever connected to its center—unless you chose otherwise, thus expelling yourself from the safe orbit of the wheel and going haywire—missing in action.

“Dear ones, take time to ‘feel’ yourself as a cell of All-that-Is.  It will both humble you by the apparent insignificance of your being and put you in awe, knowing that the Father invested so much hope and faith in each cell as to put His work at risk by subjecting it to the immature and often impulsive free-will decisions of so many of His beloved ascending creatures.”