Oregon, US of A
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Your world has received incremental epochal Truth revelations.  Each revelation is intended to be an eye- and a soul-opener for those who ponder them, even though they are indiscriminately made available to all. They are, indeed, targeting “those who have eyes to see and ears to hear”, those who have well integrated into their lives the content of the previous revelations and are eager to enroll in the next course of their spiritual curriculum.  Revelations are not just meant to enlighten your mind.  They are meant to shed more light into your life, as their content is practical, thus benefiting the sound development of your spiritual self, as well as promoting your emotional self-mastery. 

“Before the coming of Jesus—the Bringer of good and positive news—the epochal revelations were more of the ‘do-not-type’ of exhortations.  Indeed, the first agenda of a new revelation is to reform the erroneous behavior of their recipients.  Ages ago, men made human sacrifices to appease ‘choleric’ deities.  Later on, they switched to the shedding of animal blood.  Then Jesus came to reveal the attractive nature of His Heavenly Father—a God of unconditional love.  Such a ‘revolutionary’ revelation overrode the previous ones and made it clear that sacrifices were not needed to get on the Heavenly Father’s good side—as all His sides are good. 

“All these succeeding revelations nudged humanity in the right direction.  Yet, they required much time to become integrated into the minds and hearts.  It does take courage to purge the ‘old news’ from your belief systems in order to make room for the ‘breaking news’.

“You live at an epoch rich in revelations—both epochal and personal.  Indeed, you have to take them ‘personally’ in order for them to positively impact your lives.  You are called to change your ways for the better.  You are called to dismiss the clouts of ignorance weighing on your own being.  “Ask and you shall receive” according to your questions.  Indeed, they define the priority of what you need to know for your current highest good—and this varies for everyone, as you are at different junctures in your spiritual journey.  You need practical tools for your life.  What good would it do to an immigrant to the United States to study Chinese before mastering the English language?  It would indeed be greatly unproductive.

“After asking your questions to Spirit, be on the outlook for the forthcoming answers.  You will know when they are delivered, as you will stop in your tracks, being taken over by an exhilarating ‘ah ha’ moment—a sure sign that a light bulb went on in your mind, bringing you to your knees in a humble posture of heartfelt gratitude.  Every ‘I get it’ moment lifts some mighty weight off your shoulders, as you are better equipped to deal with your unique circumstances.”