Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “It is good to turn within and ask Me to incrementally reveal to you the next part of your life’s script.  A successful playwriter comes up with a plot that keeps the spectators spellbound on the edge of their seat, while simultaneously challenging the cast to give its best. In its broad outlines, your life’s script has been drafted, with you in mind as its main character, long before you were born.

“You belong both to the cast and the audience, as the Production of Life is interactive.  Sometimes, you sit back, fully immersed in its complex plot and relishing in the improvisation skills of your siblings—the talented extras in your show.  Other times, you enter the stage, having something meaningful and unique to contribute.  The choice is yours.  Are you satisfied to be a mere spectator? Would you rather address your stage fright by being one of the many extras on the set? Or will you dare take a leap of faith intent at boosting your confidence level and promoting your career by bringing out more of your dormant talents?

“Ask yourself each morning to which type of production you will partake that day:  Will it be a mindless rerun of the previous episode or a much-improved retake?  It all depends on how much you are coming from your heart and soul, as memorable performances occur when the actor fully embodies his persona.  What about yours?  How deep do you have to dig to bring it to the surface?  How authentically do you play yourself?

“Your life may appear to be a repetition of the same old same old, as depicted in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’, where each day starts in the same ‘déjà vu’ fashion.  Yet, your acquired ‘pre-knowledge’ will help you transform yourself by improving your response patterns to familiar events.  You will have gained precious experience and insights.  Your errors will have morphed into truth revelators and personal coaches toward improved daily performances.  The day will then come when you will have mastered the ropes of the trade and will—with focused intention—start your very own production, following the leadings of your unique personality.  By so doing, you will be the lead actor in the non-fictional production of your own life.  I wrote its outlines but am always open to your suggestions, as you are the one living it in the flesh, well equipped to spice it up through your free will decisions.

At the end of each shooting and before retiring, take the time to mentally screen the daily episode, editing out its ‘lowlights’.  What of value will then remain?  This is the frame of mind you need to acquire if you want to be awarded an Oscar for an outstanding live performance.”