Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, let’s talk about doubt today.  It is a paradox that you doubt your God given skills but trust in the Divine.  “In God we trust, in God I trust” is such a powerful affirmation.  Sadly, the foundational affirmation for this country is losing its power as it is being discarded by so many who do not understand that the Divine is the foundation of everything there is.  By refusing to acknowledge it, they are separating themselves from the Divine flow of guidance for their Highest Good.

“In God I trust” could be a powerful life affirmation for each sentient creature.  It overrides all doubts instantly.  Doubts are also a form of energy and--as all types of energy--, if they are entertained for longer periods of time, they take over and destabilize the individual and disable him/her.

“It is good to second guess oneself as human impulses are not always in alignment with their divine matrix of perfection and it is good when the ego steps out of the way to ask the Divine for advice. When in doubt, turn to the Divine and surrender your whole being with these four little words “In God I Trust”. 

“It is helpful to articulate your present situation as you would articulate it to a friend with the intention of getting precious feedback.  The fact of asking for feedback opens your being to be receptive.  The Almighty God is undoubtedly worthy of your trust.  Trust Him all heartedly and trust that He has the means to make His guidance clear to you, that He knows you perfectly, and that He knows your potential.  Some of your life challenges are triggers for these potentials to become actualized.  How can you discover your dormant gifts and talents if they are never awaken by seemingly fortuitous circumstances?

“As a fellow human being, you have the ability to discern in others some of their amazing gifts and talents and to encourage them along their own discovery journey.  Your friends can definitely validate your best traits of character as it is what draws them to you – and vice versa.  Whenever you think of a personality, you define it in terms of these unique gifts and talents and what they contribute to your life.

“Look at the positives--not at the negatives.  The negatives are just undeveloped positives.  See that in yourself too.  Each negative contains a potential for growth.  They are holes which need to be filled and transmuted by the light. 

“Doubt--especially self-doubt--, can be paralyzing and stop you in your tracks.  The “can do spirit” is an amazing forward driving force while the “cannot do spirit” is a dead end.  The whole cosmos is a manifestation of the Divine Can Do Spirit.  Whatever the imagination can conceive is doable.  Intention, spoken word, and action are the three steps leading to manifestation and actualization. 

“Too many give up before they even get started.  The Divine is always by you to encourage you and drive you forward as He knows your amazing potentials and whispers into your heart that you have all what it takes to reach your higher destination.

“So, dear child, when in doubt, turn to Me and let me dissipate your mental fog so that you can see with clarity the next step and the next one.”