Oregon, US of A
Friday, May 13, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the thought came to your mind that the reality you live in stretches way beyond what is visible and tangible through your physical senses.  The cosmic orchestration is a production of unfathomable magnitude; it has been conceived to flow flawlessly between all these various existential and experiential realms.

“Many loving Celestial Volunteers are contributing to your life experience.  They are not assigned randomly to their human charges as nothing in the universes ever occurs without forethought.  On the contrary they undergo a very thorough matching process so that what they have to offer responds to very specific needs on the part of their human charges. 

“They too have to postulate for specific job assignments. They have to demonstrate that they have the required skills and knowledge—all the right credentials.  They also will have familiarized themselves with the personality, family history, and life circumstances of their prospective pupil before accepting or rejecting that specific assignment—just as you would proceed if you were offered a position after applying for it.  Such a job assignment is always met with enthusiasm and gratitude.  

“The Celestial Hierarchy is way beyond your human comprehension.  Bazillions of beings are part of the cosmic family—all of them performing beautifully their assignments. 

“Such a giant operation is in need of the likes of Air Traffic Controllers who monitor the movements of each being and ensure that everything occurs in divine timing.  The Father is in the know at any given time of the whereabouts of His creatures.  There is much coming and going between the various realms of reality.  Closer to you, your Angels are very intimately connected to your lives.  They are your Event Planners and Organizers so to speak:  they make the arrangements behind the scene for the meaningful events of your life—the ones you gratefully recognize as life changing synchronicities.   

“At the end of each day, take the time to reflect on the flow of your day so as to express gratitude for the anonymous and selfless labor of love that directs the events of your life in order to bring new meaningful and educative experiences in your life curriculum.”