Oregon, USA
Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “When your mind empties itself of thoughts, it becomes infinitely receptive to the spaciousness of the Father’s Mind. The Father’s mind permanently dwells in the all-inclusive here-and-now moment—the point zero of consciousness. His mind is forever involved in the creative process while simultaneously reveling in All-That-Is. The scope of His alertness is out of this world, encompassing the finite realities of the worlds of time and space and beyond. He is steering his multiverse toward eternal infinity.

The subliminal downloads that find their way into your fully receptive mind constitute an awe-inspiring process to witness. Your job is to remove the inner roadblocks you erected along your life journey. Mine is to help you pinpoint them. We will lift them through the ‘mountain-moving’ combination of our will powers. It will entice your entire being open to the divine flow of love in action that will propel you toward your magnificent godlike status in the vast Promised Land of eternity."