Oregon, US of A
Friday, November 2, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The image just flashed in your mind of a bottle collecting dust on the shelves of a seldom accessed cellar.  It has been filled with the blend of your convictions before being tightly sealed with a mental cork, applied the year of their bottling. 

What is the point of locking up old credos and leave them to ferment in the vault of your closed mind without ever checking their freshness date and failing to uncork their container in a timely manner, thus giving its content some much-needed breathing space and presenting it with a golden opportunity to be re-oxygenated?

Beliefs do not age as well as a pricey wine.  They need to be exposed to the chemistry of other beliefs and to the life-sustaining sun-rays to be upgraded as called for.  They thrive in open minds that grasp that they are moldable ad infinitum.

Arrange your beliefs like the flowers of a centerpiece.  Discard the welted ones that have lost their fragrance and substitute them for fresher and more vibrant breeds so that the altar of your devotion is continuously ornate with the beautiful offering of your vibrant faith.