Oregon, USA
Friday, June 2, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “Here you are, my dear child and partner in love—the only way our partnership should shape out to be. I AM love and love never stagnates. It is forever active.

Loving intentions are conceived by your mind and harbored in your heart—their incubation chamber, but you are the one who decides the length of their gestational period. How so?

Their birthing into their glorious manifestation can only occur through actions—never procrastination or deferred action.

Nothing in this world would have seen the light of day if the First Source and Center of all-that-is had remained idle, never outsourcing Itself.

Just the same, to ‘re-source’ yourself, you must tap into the Source that hydrates your mind with its ever-flowing pure, enlivening, and refreshing inspirations.

To become a valued co-creator, ensure that the golden thread of love is interwoven into the fabric of all your actions. Each morning, set this worthy intention, and each evening, reflect on your day to monitor the emergence of your work of heart.”