Oregon, USA
Friday, September 1, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the fact that you are writing My name as the sender of the message you are now typing on the keyboard, constitutes by itself a leap of faith on your part. You decided to put all hampering doubt aside and to believe that I have instant access to your mind—especially after placing it in the neutral mode that validates for you that My silent input is now permeating your receptive mind.

Today, you left the topic of our daily conversation up to Me. Yesterday, you were pondering on the process of becoming godlike. Let Me address it again from My perspective. This process of your spiritual conception—the birth of your soul—started when I came to indwell you upon your first moral decision as a divine Spark—a Fragment of the One and Only.

 Human beings are works in process. The personality endowment they receive at birth comprises many special talents—already developed areas of light, as well as latent potentials. Due to the generational heredity factor, it has been infiltrated with some character handicaps that need to be transmuted, as they are the metaphoric bushels that keep our commingled inner light under wraps.

Over the lengthy course of your spiritual evolution, there are many spontaneous moments when you give glimpses of your godlikeness. You have noticed how instantly a heartfelt smile lights up a face since the expression of your godlike qualities is magnetically attractive, as it exudes the compounded elements of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Jesus himself became godlike over time—on an unwavering quest for the Father within himself. He learned to listen to his silent input and to feel his very real energy signature. So can you. He met him in spirit—a timeless and spaceless venue. Tap into Spirit and It will nurture your mind toward its noble destiny of Godlikeness."