Oregon, USA
Sunday, June 26, 2022

“You are sons of spiritual promise, faith sons; you have accepted the status of sonship. You believe in the reality of your sonship, and thus does your sonship with God become eternally real.” [UB, 40:6.4]

Thought Adjuster:

“Your status of sonship is etched forever in the heart of the Universal Father. It is an immutable reality no matter where the twists and turns of your musing and wandering may take you. Some may foolishly sever this most precious family tie. Eventually, their inner longings will prompt them to acknowledge their spiritual indigence, and they will resolutely set on the rewarding quest to reconnect with their spiritual roots.

Each unique family situation can have a happy ending. The spiritual orphans will retrace their way Home, where the residents will welcome them in their warm-hearted brotherhood under the tender watch care of their divine Progenitor.

Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual development, your inner urges to experience the fullness of divine love will nudge you back home—detour or no detour, late or early arrival. Your soul will relish in the home life, never taking for granted what was lacking during its humble beginnings.”