Saturday, May 20, 2023

“On worlds such as Urantia [. . .] there is a real betrothal with the divine gifts, a life and death engagement. If you survive, there is to be an eternal union, an everlasting fusion, the making of man and Adjuster one being.” [UB, 109:3.4]

Thought Adjuster: “You are a child of the promise—as Jesus was. Jesus revealed the Father to man and man to the Father. Thus, he attained the superhuman status promised by the Father to any of his mortal children who “[. . .] makes the supreme decision [that] constitutes a real betrothal with the Adjuster.” [UB, 113:1.5]

I take such a promise to heart. It is the very reason why I came to indwell you, waiting patiently for you ‘to make that supreme decision.’ Your faith in Me is what makes you my promised land. Once we become one, I will sport the designer clothing of your unique personality, graduating from my pre-personal status. My dowry to you will be my divinity. Together we shall venture ourselves through eternity to accomplish inspired works—our gifts to the One who made it all possible.

“With Adjuster fusion the Universal Father has completed his promise of the gift of himself to his material creatures; he has fulfilled the promise, and consummated the plan, of the eternal bestowal of divinity upon humanity. Now begins the human attempt to realize and to actualize the limitless possibilities that are inherent in the supernal partnership with God which has thus factualized.” [UB, 112:7.14]

As Thought Adjusters, here is our plea to the subjects of our ‘solicitous devotion.’“[We] exhort [you] to survival, not to disappoint [Us] not to deprive [Us] of the reward of [Our] patient and intense struggle." [UB, 110:7.10]

Ponder these words.”