Oregon, USA
Friday, October 29, 2021

Thought Adjuster:

“Use My Holy Ground as a Moving Stairway”


Message received by Anyas 


Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, you woke up last night, and everything stood still in your mind, which presented Me with a precious window of opportunity to share a metaphor with you. You did pick up easily on My silent and unhurried words.

I broached the topic of how we could be fully present TOGETHER in the here-and-now. To bring the point home, I had you envision using a moving stairway as a means of locomotion through time and space. 

There are three types of behaviors: 

(1) The laidback passengers stand still on the travellator and enjoy the ride. They are well-prepared and carry carefully assembled essentials in a non-encumbering backpack that straightens their posture. 

(2) The ever-rushed jet setters impatiently work their way around the unmoving passengers. They pull a heavy suitcase, overstuffed with items unfit for their final destination. 

(3) The fearful souls are reluctant to step on the escalator, which places them in a precarious position. It also prevents them from benefitting from its steady ascension pace while holding on to its carefully synchronized, stabilizing moving banister. 

You and I operate optimally as co-travelers—letting nothing separate us. I Am the holy ground under your feet that keeps you immersed in the eternal now moment—preventing you from foolishly breaking away from Me or lagging behind Me. As you experienced, it is the most auspicious circumstance to hear My still small voice—appeasing by its calmness.  

When we share this stress-free operative platform, your mind empties itself of all preoccupations, and you experience what it means to be a fully-engaged, relaxed listener. You notice that My unhurried words easily penetrate your receptive mind to be assimilated in the timeless now-moment of our boundless spiritual communion.

Let us reverse roles for a moment. How do you think your divine Indwellers feel when subjected to the nervous discourses of their human hosts? Being, by nature, the most respectful and attentive listeners, it keeps them stuck in the idling mode of Thought Monitors, preventing them from stepping into their more engaged role of Thought Adjusters, ever ready to impart the wealth of Their collective, practical wisdom. They have to patiently wait for their human chatterboxes to run out of nervous energies and settle down in their shared living quarters as more compatible roomies, relishing each other company.”