Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Many human beings are impervious of their destructive powers and thoughtlessly tamper with their current reality. Others co-create with their divine Indweller after expressing the heartfelt desire of manifesting truth, beauty, and goodness—worthwhile undertakings within the scope of the divine will, and, therefore, endorsed from within and from on high.

There is no arguing that your thoughts and feelings either suggest or dictate your actions, or leave you stuck in a disempowering state of complacency—an unproductive status quo.  Sadly, many realize too late that they belong to the biblical category of those who squandered their talents instead of fructifying them.

Each moment provides you with opportunities—small or big—to alter your reality based on your and others’ contributions. Your frame of mind and heart will determine the vibrancy or dullness of the hues applied to the cosmic canvass.

Some grace the ceilings of cathedrals with out-of-this-world frescoes, while others defile walls with disturbing graffiti. Similar talents can be put to higher or baser service depending on the directives provided by their owner. 

Articulate clear and positive intentions at the onset of each day.  Invite your divine on-board Partner to inspire you and nudge you toward the right thoughts, feelings, and actions.  You will soon notice improvements in how you operate from within. Your growing awareness will work wonders in making you a positive agent of change.

The collective reality is shaped by each personal decision. The world of matter does not have a free will prerogative. It, therefore, bears no responsibility for the resulting state of world affairs.  It is quite telling about the environmental impact of the collective state of spiritual consciousness.”