Oregon, USA
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus spoke of the faith of a mustard seed, whose activation unleashes superpowers capable of moving mountains. Knowing that he always resorted to colorful depictions to highlight important points of his spiritual teaching, it is likely that he referred to mountains of difficulty—not mountain ranges.

Another point to ponder is that the seed phase is not definitive. It is the onset of the development of evolutionary creatures. Seeds are mysteriously pre-programmed with the makings of their full bloom destiny. They grow into seedlings before reaching adulthood. 

From this perspective, your faith will keep expanding as you progress toward spiritual maturity. It will no longer be the blind faith of an embryo incubating within a cocoon of sorts. Once the awakened seed has pierced through the confines of its protective shell, it emerges into the light of day—a light toward which it was intuitively heading while working its way through dark layers of sediments. 

From its initial successes in getting exposed to more light and remaining connected to the cosmic life force, your faith will grow into a certitude—its completion state.  You will no longer operate from a place of ignorance but from one of reliable wisdom and experiential knowledge.

Just as the caterpillar eventually morphs into a breathtaking butterfly, your faith will outlive its formation stage as a seed. Your divinity will start superseding your humanity and, once your will is fully aligned with the Father’s vision for your life, you will benefit from divine superpowers that can, indeed, move mountains.”