Oregon, USA
Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thought Adjuster: "Dear child, I have so much in store for you today! Are you ready to hear it, smell it, see it, touch it, taste it? What about your inner senses? Will your heart burst with gratitude for all these unexpected happenstances? Will you emit spontaneous thank-you thoughts when a rainbow spans its other-worldly colors over the valley, taking your focus away from the oppressive cloud cover in its bursts of light? Will you zoom in on the harmonics of the songbirds and scan the landscape for their winged presence? Will you eat mindfully to dive deep into your food’s tastebud-appealing flavors, relishing each nutritious bite? Will you stop and notice the scents diffused by the Tradewinds and the all-permeating designer perfume of Mother Spirit—an exquisite blend of honeysuckle, rose, and lily of the valley? Will you close your eyes to enjoy the spell of wind-blown kisses, the savor of plump strawberries or velvety peaches, the comforting touch of a pet's soft fur, or the acapella prowess of a nightingale?

Set such rewarding intentions at the starting gate of your day. Engage in this exciting treasure hunt orchestrated from on high and from within. I am anticipating the telltale signs of your childlike delight! At the closing of your day, when recalling all these thoughtful winks of Spirit, you will also note that time stood still for many sublime moments of heartfelt appreciation because you were swimming in the flow of moment-to-moment awareness—a day lived to the fullest."