Oregon, USA
Sunday, November 19, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “A lie does not only consist in tampering with the truth but can also amount to an omission of truth—a much more subtle endeavor of cover-up.

Therefore, those who do not speak up in defense of what they know to be true are partaking in a lie. Truth is truth, no matter what. A lie can be an intentional ACT of deception. It can also be the ignorant dissemination of some untruth with which you were successfully brainwashed—a clever distortion of the reality of truth. Lies are unrealities; they are smoke screens intended to keep those lied to in ignorance and debilitating darkness. There is an underlying iniquitous agenda. In the end, after they are said and done, their outcome is harmful to the highest good.

Things get even more complicated when the liars convince themselves they are speaking the truth by the process of repetition. There is power of conviction in any ‘mantra.’

The Spirit of Truth has been part of your mental makeup since the day of Pentecost. It has been bestowed upon you to guide you from within. Do not shut it up when you feel conflicted on the inner, as you are disabling it. Instead, dive within to figure out what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable—out of sync with its truth, out of sorts.

Look at the whole picture without ‘omitting’ any of your inner clues. By bravely facing the truth and speaking up for it, wrongs will be set right and you will step with both feet on the sunny side of truth. No more lingering in the danger zones of an unreliable make-believe reality. By setting the record straight, you are setting yourself gloriously free, becoming immune to any potential blackmail. Truth is the only ransom required for your spiritual emancipation.”