Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 10, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Distractions detour your awareness from current developments, which can have mild to disastrous repercussions on the quality of your life.  You miss out on their pertinent input by failing to pick up on critical sensory or intuitive signals.  Symptomatic absent-mindedness is when your body is here, but your mind ‘has left the building.’ 

Mental martial arts are mastered by those who keep their mind on a tight leash—at least until it settles down and qualifies as your reliable mentor—no longer capriciously sabotaging your mental health.

The taming of the mind also involves acquiring emotional self-control. Volatile emotions will implode if you fail to disarm them, turning you into a suicide bomber. The catastrophic damages caused by violent outbursts speak for themselves.

Present-mindedness helps you closely monitor what is going on within and around you, prompting you to make spur-of-the-moment corrections to stay the course instead of getting lost in time and space.

Practice attentive listening—not just with Me, your divine Indweller.  Your fellowmen also send silent messages through their body language.  Become adept at deciphering them by becoming a reassuring presence.  As they safely open up to you, they will shine their inner light, giving you precious insights into their inspirational higher self.

Listen without interjecting, as it may abort the flow of their confidences—your words acting like a throw of stones that break the calm surface of a lake, only to land at its bottom after ruining its peace.

A few pointed words have far more impact than a lengthy, mind-dulling dissertation.  The power points of the communication adequately convey the essence of the teachings.”