Oregon, USA
Monday, December 12, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “Oh, my little one! You make me so happy as you engage in the most natural conversation of all—listening to the input of My still small voice. Yes, I am never distant from you, and neither do I wish to be, as my deepest longing is for oneness with you.

I know that you too long for that sublime state of harmony with Me. Persevere in your stillness practice, as it is the only way for our minds to fall in step with one another. By stilling your mind, you make room for My voice to resonate in it even though it is silent.

Silent is the keyword here, as it speaks volumes when undisturbed. Take time to ponder this most profound truth. As well, silence recharges your often frazzled nerves. It soothes your entire being without ever being intrusive. You see, you are the one sending it a heartfelt invitation—one that cannot be turned down. It is My cue to expand My presence in your mind, permeating all the layers of your being.

Indeed, when you still your soul, the Lord is over you. Divine energy blends with the sublime sound of silence. Listen! "