Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  Dear one, integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.”  It is a true measure of where you stand in your relationship with the Divine.  Whenever you compromise your integrity, you are cutting yourself off from a close relationship with the Father’s Presence and it does not feel good within yourself.  Living a life of integrity is living in constant alignment with the standards of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  Truth cannot be watered down, diluted.  Truth is 100% truth.  Twisting the truth, bending the truth is denaturing it. 


“Stay in your truth and stay in the Truth.  The Spirit of Truth is here at all times to assist you in this task.  Whenever you are uncertain, whenever you need support in staying with the Truth, call upon the Spirit of Truth to infuse you, not only with the knowledge of where truth stands, but equally with the power to align yourself with the Truth.  The Spirit of Truth is “truly” a powerful spiritual influence in your life.


“Scrutinize your life so as to realize where you stray from Truth.  Any grey areas in your life are in need of the light of truth so as to dispel any untruth that may have sneaked in and diluted the purity of Truth.


“Be on a truth quest as so many treasures will be revealed to you which will uplift your whole being and help you ascend to higher realms of pure truth.  Truth is what allows the universes to function so perfectly, as it is in total alignment with the divine matrix of perfection.


“As you find your own alignment, you will truly become a well oiled part of the whole and you will discover with more and more delight your “true” purpose.”