Oregon, USA
Saturday, August 12, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “What is sound spiritual nutrition? As above, so below. You can draw the right conclusions from the principles of how to take good care of your physical vehicle.

Those weakened by anorexia or malnutrition lose their vibrancy because it severely impairs their energy quota. The less they eat, the poorer their appetite gets. How do you break such a vicious circle?

A smart enticement would be that they are presented with the taste-buds stimulating aroma of their favorite foods combined with an eye-pleasing presentation. However, to safely reboot their idling digestive system, they will have to break their fast incrementally.

You can draw similar conclusions about a healthy feeding of the soul.

  • Awaken your spiritual appetite by following the inner leadings of your indwelling divine Fragment—your expert spiritual Nutritionist. By expressing the intention to grow a healthy soul, He will introduce you to premium soul food, compatible with your unique spiritual metabolism.
  • Never force-feed yourself or anyone. This would be counterproductive as it would cause severe indigestions or allergies.
  • Take digestive time-outs to adequately process the nutrients. Stillness time is highly recommended to assimilate the servings.
  • Monitor your spiritual pulse. Keep track of the positive side effects that start manifesting themselves.

Over time, you will notice an increased zest for life and crave your daily spiritual manna. Your life will become meaningful. You will be more enthusiastically attending to the affairs of the soul—the Father’s business—and you will happily share your favorite family recipes. Your body will exude an attractive vibrancy that will bear witness to the overall health benefits of your well-balanced spiritual regimen.”