Oregon, USA
Monday, August 15, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, humor Me for a moment. I wish for you to role-play Me by putting words in My mouth and speaking them with divine authority. You have My permission to do so.

“I AM love. I AM light. I have a vivid creative imagination. I AM powerful. I AM in the divine flow. I AM truth, beauty, and goodness bundled as one. I manifest heaven on Earth through wise premeditation, focused intentions, the command of My impeccable word and its inspirational power, through clever planning and active implementation. I appreciate the ‘good’ outcome and feel deep gratitude for All-That-Is. I Am that I Am. I Am you and you are Me. I am Oneness with All-That-Is. I AM divine by birthright. I AM the universal life force coursing in the nucleus of all atoms. I AM omnipotent in love. Such is My credo.”

How did it make you feel?”