Oregon, USA
Saturday, March 9, 2024


Thought Adjuster: “Here you are, ready to get back on My metaphorical saddle, your mode of transportation forward and Godward. However, there should be no guilt associated with taking some time off here and there.

By its boundless and transcendental nature, the Great Spirit is ever on the move—elaborating mighty trains of constructive thought in a holographic concurrence.

As a finite being, your mind operates at a much smaller scale due to its unruly nature. Its short attention span and random electrical-chemical impulses cause it to jump all over the place.

Do not forget that you are an apprentice in Godlikeness.  Practice, practice, and practice some more, training your mind to commune with some of the Father’s infinite operative facets. Your understanding will keep growing out of its contemplation and implementation phases. It is how the explorers progress in their fields of inquiry. It will become a finetuned choreography between you and The One who best ‘gets you.’

As you hone attributes of his harmonious plenitude, you become ‘like him’ in your finitude—never running out of edifying thoughts. I am your on-board Pilot and, with your permission, will keep pointing at new thought formations profiling themselves on the horizon of our shared mind. Isn’t it reason enough to spend valuable time in the classroom of Spirit?”