Tuesday, May 9, 2023

“Pentecost endowed mortal man with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the midst of the gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance.” [UB, 194:3.12] [Emphasis added]

Thought Adjuster: “Do you fathom what an unprecedented, and priceless spiritual gift humankind has been receiving since the momentous and groundbreaking day of Pentecost? The above statement puts into words what, if fully and gratefully acknowledged both in your mind and heart, it can do for you.

In fact, it is a precise depiction of Jesus’ inspiring and godlike demeanor when inflicted personal harm, unjustly and cruelly victimized, subjected to hateful and uncalled-for character assassination, and facing appalling danger.

His Spirit of Truth is a personal gift from him to YOU. It teaches you how to cope with life’s vicissitudes. How could you not feel fortified by such factual knowledge? Yours is to apply it to your life’s circumstances by following the inner leadings of this stellar Teacher who, having walked the most challenging of human trajectory on YOUR behalf, knows experientially the do-ability and practicability of his inner prompts. They will mightily transform your life if you live it, as he did, with a receptive mind and a humble and sincere heart.”